SeqAn 2.1.0 Release

We are very pleased to announce the immediate availability of SeqAn-2.1.0! The new version contains a new module for BLAST e-value statistics and I/O, as well as support for Journaled String Trees. C++11 features have been introduced in many places and countless smaller issues have been fixed. The entire codebase has undergone cleanup and especially the build system was improved in many ways. Problems with newer compilers and C++-Standards have been resolved and support for FreeBSD has been added. SeqAn applications are now shipped as static binaries and the library packages correctly install a cmake-module and a pkgconfig file.

Very few API changes were necessary, among them the removal of the random module (which can be replaced with the standard library’s). Support for some compilers had to be dropped, too, most notably we now only support Visual Studio 2015 on Windows so you may be required to upgrade. For more details, see the CHANGELOG. We have also released a new minor level release 2.0.2 which contains only bug-fixes and is fully compatible to previous 2.0.x versions.

Please visit GitHub for more information or head directly to the Downloads.

We would also like to remind you of the upcoming SeqAn User Group Meeting — a great chance to learn about new SeqAn features and discuss with the developers.

Soon we will also present a new homepage, stay tuned!

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